Resources for Building Healthy Habits

Healthy LifeStars is dedicated to helping you and your family create healthy habits for life. Our free resource library includes hundreds of activities, recipes, worksheets, parent guides, videos and more- all provided for free- with more added all the time!

We focus on building tiny habits to help kids learn, practice, experience and commit to three Healthy Life Habits: I am Active! I Eat Right! I Can Do It!

These online resources are the same educational materials we use alongside our life- changing programs The LifeStar Challenge and Together Counts, which deliver schools and after-school programs nationwide.

New Online Programs

HealthyLifeStarsAtHome™ & HealthyLifeStars4Groups™
The resources have been organized into two new online programs to provide easier and more direct access to families and kids at home or to groups of kids wherever and however they gather in today’s world. Access is virtually from anywhere!  With focused use, these programs can deliver impressive results!  

provides fun worksheets for kids, guides for parents/caretakers, short video challenges for the entire family unit, healthy recipes and creative ideas for physical activities.  

HealthyLifeStars4Groups™ provides all of the above materials PLUS virtual lessons that can be used in group settings wherever a curriculum can be taught: schools, after-school programs, home schooling, faith based organizations,  recreational centers and other youth serving organizations.  

To use these resources, the organization must be a program partner of Healthy LifeStars and have a signed program agreement with Healthy LifeStars.  New program partners are welcome. Contact us today to access these valuable resources. We look forward to working with you!

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