June Kid and Coach of the Month

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The LifeStars Coach of the Month is Emily a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Iowa studying psychology. This spring was her first semester working as a coach with Healthy LifeStars.

Growing up I learned how important health and nutrition is in every aspect of my life. As I grew older I developed a great appreciation for practicing a healthy lifestyle.

When I heard about Healthy LifeStars and the opportunities it creates for children to learn about those healthy choices and habits I couldn’t resist joining and helping support their goal of motivating and inspiring children to live a healthy life.

This past semester I was given the opportunity to be a role model at Shimek Elementary as a Healthy LifeStars coach and teach about special things I do daily that helps me be successful in choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Being able to speak and lead by example for children not only allowed them the opportunity to learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also taught me more about how to set goals for myself and how to be the best version of myself. Although I wasn’t able to complete the semester of coaching due to COVID-19, I’m excited to start back next fall with the kids!”

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