Healthy LifeStars Announces HealthyLifeStarsAtHome and HealthyLifeStars4Groups

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Healthy LifeStars Launches Resources toBuild Healthy Habits for Kids              

Healthy LifeStars™ today announces the availability of a rich set of resources for use by parents, teachers, or other youth leaders of elementary-aged kids. HealthyLifeStarsAtHome™ and HealthyLifeStars4Groups™.   These resources are available on-line at and can easily be incorporated into the daily routines of kids and families at home.  

The resources are organized to build and reinforce the 3 Healthy Life Habits critical for helping kids learn to live active healthy lives:  I AmActive(physical activity), I Eat Right(nutrition)  and I Can Do It (setting goals).  These habits are core to preventing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a range of adult health-related diseases which are alarmingly now showing up in our children.  The resources include engaging materials for use with the kids and tips for adults who are teaching and/or supporting kids to build healthy habits.  All materials are drawn from the two proven programs which have been delivered to youth serving partners and thousands of kids on- line via Together Counts™ and in group settings via TheLifeStar Challenge™.  


“In these times especially, it is critical that kids and families focus on their health.  We know that Americans with diabetes and other obesity related diseases are about three times more likely to suffer worsened outcomes from Covid-19.  We want to make sure kids and families have access to these materials especially during such a disruptive time to their home and school routine.  Assuring that we grow a generation of healthy kids, who grow up to be healthy adults is more important than ever.” said Ruann Ernst, Healthy LifeStars Board Chair.


CONTACT:   Christie Altman at   or  (602)252-3454 for more information or to partner with us today!

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