Healthy LifeStars and Ohio Hispanic Coalition

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One of Healthy LifeStars of Ohio’s original and most valued partnership is with Ohio Hispanic Coalition (OHC), an agency in Central Ohio that aims to improve the well-being and the Hispanic/Latino community by offering important resources and services including childcare, interpretation, and crisis intervention. 


HealthyLifeStars’ year-round collaboration with the Ohio Hispanic Coalition spans across all three OHC sites: Jose Luis Mas Cultural and Education Center; EastSite Cultural and Education Center; and North Site Cultural and Education Center. There are Healthy LifeStars coaches trained at each site.  


Ohio Hispanic Coalition Youth and EducationProgram Coordinator, Daisy Oyola has seen first-hand the benefits of the partnership. Daisy says, “The Healthy Life Stars Program helps empower students to live healthier lives by improving their physical, mental, emotional and social health by increasing their knowledge and influencing their attitudes about caring for their wellbeing.”


During the school year, OHC partners with HLS to serve 100 elementary-aged students across each site through their “Ninos en Accion” After-School Program. While attending the program, students receive homework help and participate in enrichment activities related to the arts, science, math, and technology. OHChas successfully implemented The LifeStar Challenge into Ninos en Accion for several years to empower their kids to live active and healthy lives. 


During the Summer, OHC partners with HLS to serve120 kids across all three locations age 6 to 13 through their Summer EnrichmentCamp, an 8-week day camp that focuses on providing a safe, fun, and educational environment local Hispanic/Latino kids. The children participate in sports, arts, and music activities alongside daily reading and math. The LifeStar Challenge is offered alongside various activities including yoga, Zumba, and swimming.


Thank you, Ohio Hispanic Coalition! We look forward to many more years of partnership!

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